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We design and develop business Apps for proactive technology driven enterprises. The year 2015 and moving forward is a business quantum leap mobile Apps invasion. Businesses will profit and realize growth when we engage them into simple but sophisticated online customer services to grow their markets. Let us work with you - Make things happen.


Is your business marketing solutions stagnating? Is it's potential stifled? Paralyzed by technology evolution? We unearth solutions and make your business reach new customers.


We are the only company that is in the forefront of changing the way customers use mobile apps technology. We Create platforms that work and make communication profitable.


Like all pioneering entrepreneurs, we thrive on the passion to make things happen. It is our vision to make your business reach new horizons, by challenging convention.


Our development strategies are carefully integrated to give your enterprise a slight edge. We lead the pack and build our repertoire on credible coding to slaughter your competition.

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The best and most captivating events in the life of proactive businesses. Be part of the revolution that will engage the customer in finding solutions to better, clearer and faster means of communications to problem solving.

Is it Because They Bury Their Heads in the Sand?

How Businesses That Are Small Fail To GROW! SMME Success today equals electronic web presence and social networking connectivity. It is a fallacy to think that, if people know you and your business is situated in a shopping mall – customers will just walk in and flood your enterprise. Hair salons might have this kind […]

27 Mar 15 Shamlo22

How To Promote Your Business With APPS

Mobile technology is slowly making strong in-roads into our daily activity and becoming an integral part of our lives. To ignore it’s use as a powerful resource to communicate in business and in our personal lives is to pretend and acknowledge that your existence is primitive and invalid. Smartphones and their integration into communication is […]

24 Jan 15 Shamlo22

Mobile Business Apps

More, people are choosing to use their hard-earned smartphones and iPad tablets to read online content. It is apparent that mobile technology is “King”, not only these devices make reading more easy and comfortable, which explains why people prefer them to Persnal and Desktop Computers. Currently, there are a millions of mobile users who have […]

07 Jan 15 Shamlo22

Get Access Today

We are streamlining our services for best customer experience and pass on the buck to you. Are you ready to tap into the Rare Untouched mobile market? The are two areas that local businesses are ignoring right now. The 1st one is Facebook marketing and, The second one Mobile Marketing. Get Access now Click Here

23 Dec 14 Shamlo22

Facebook Marketing

We are happy to announce that we are currently burning the candle to bring you one of our most prominent product that will make your competition green with envy. The Facebook – Business Directory. This services will place your products and services “Right-into” Facebook cold-face  Hot Customers.

23 Dec 14 Shamlo22

The Apps Design Factory

Our first test app under construction is still pending, however, we welcome any inquiries about the interest to assist build your mobile business Apps. Fill in the contact form above for more information. Here

23 Dec 14 Shamlo22